Cyber Suite Brand Launch

TD Bank Canada

My role was a lead designer to manage communications with a cybersecurity executive at TD and design C Suite brand from ideation to launch.

Whom I worked with

Project managers, content writers, business analysts, designer, cybersecurity executive

Tools:  Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, PowerPoint


  • Logo design
  • Podcast branding
  • Online webinar PPT design
  • Infographics
  • TD internal hub branding
  • Social media campaign

About C Suite

Cyber Suite (C Suite), brought to you by TD, is a new cybersecurity literacy platform that offers a variety of digital learning forums, including daily cyber safety tips, podcast episodes with some of the world's leading cyber experts, webinars, and job fairs.



followers on social media 


Podcast downloads over 18 episodes, ranked #3 Technology Podcast

(as of 1/25/2022)


hosted virtual webinars to discuss the potential cyber threats everyday people face, help them gain awareness in protecting personal data online

Webinar presentation design

Webinar content design on PPT - overview

Webinar PPT - sample slide design

Podcast Episodes Cover Design

Social Media Post Design

Using Format